What do we need for better democracy?

2019-11-18 17:47
I will skip the hello and start up the writing because we are in a hurry.
The first problem i am going to write it about is the "Problem of the old generation" all of the New millennium generation and which is born in about 1990 will understand my words.we all know they has a problem.but what kind of problem is it? Let's find it out.
First,they dosen't try to listen the new generation's thoughts and words because they always think they are always right and young are always wrong.this is against with the flow of life.when fresh and new generation come to society with diffrent thoughts,they should try to respect it and try to mix their thoughts with new ones.for society to change,old and new generations must make a good collaboration.of course,they should make a filter of the mixed ones because nothing is perfect.but that dosen't means new thoughts should be ignored to the old ones.
Second,they dosen't want to hear the criticisms about them,even themselves avoid it.when younger ones make some criticisms about them,they think it is "wrong" and "rude". Of course some criticisms are rude because younger generations dosen't use some good words.but not all of them are rude.some is very meaningfull,and of course the old generations know it but they just dosen't want to hear it.in the many words in korea,the word most close with that situation is "A good medicine is bitter."and sugar is sweet.so what thoughts is inside in your brains now? A bitter medicine is bitter and yucky at first but finally it makes your body well.and sugar is very sweet at first,but it makes many problems inside in one's body when one eats it lot.
So what i want to say it about,the old generations just wants some sugar and no medicines and dosen't know what kind of problems they have.and younger generations are only caring what kind of damage they had gotten from the older ones.

We all need to turn back what we had did and regret. Let's fix ourselves for democracy
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What do we need for better democracy?
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