For asia,for world

2020-01-05 00:44
Asia,they had always been thought to europe and usa as a week ones,but can`t be ignored.but after,this situation happens,they can`t ignore asia ever and ever.i will tell you the reason.first,asia is most biggest continent in the world.this means,in asia,there are so many nations which cannot be ignored like Three nations in east asia,vietnam,indonesia.especially,vietnam is most watchfull nation in the world now.because china has setting down now and starting to fall into the unknown land which is not seen or heard by any another nation,they are shining like a bright light and starting to give influence to the world.And for them,korea`s economical power would be stronger and stronger and it will give influence to the all asia.for now,vietnam is the center of the korea should get the good chance.this chance is like god`s chance.god gives us a marvelous chance but not twice,only once.then why once? Most of the ASEAN nations are not friendly with japan and china because of the historical and diplomatical reason.but they are really close with korea.we could see it more brightly when korea and japan fought with international trade and economy.they were all sides of the we have to help vietnam and ASEAN to make asia a stronger continent and for second,make korea stronger than ever.Second,most of the asian nations are trying to get out of the influence of the europe and US.i think that is a good idea because in asia,the two of them has so many influence in asia`s peoples and politicans has some difficultys to gain what they want in the world.but that skill is partly right.because today,the world is getting it is very difficult to get out of the influence.but that wave should be stop before the politics of the asia.

before i finish my words,i really hopes asia,especially korea should be the powerful continent and nation in the world.when that happens,all of the world should be happy because when asia gain power,their economical powers will be very strong and it would help the world`s economy grow up and up every year.

Thank you.
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For asia,for world
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